Temporary Contingent Staff

Our unique temporary worker service has many benefits to assist your casino in operating at the fullest capacity at all times, maximising revenue generation and asset utilisation.

In addition to those trained in our own Academy, we are uniquely qualified to assess and test external candidates gaming and dealer skills to ensure you hire staff that hit the ground running.

Our terms of business are designed with the following benefits for you to enjoy:

  • Flexible terms equals flexible workforce to allow you to ‘hire up or hire down’ to suit your demand.
  • Unique ‘tried before hired’ service allows you to assess staff before taking the direct hiring plunge.
  • Only pay for the hours you actually need staff to work.
  • No long term commitment - hire by the shift if that’s what suits you.
  • Reduce staff levels with just 1 hours notice.
  • Fixed cost per hour - no hidden extras.
  • Full HMRC, WTR, AWR and legal compliance.
  • Fully vetted and qualified staff.
  • Staff available 24/7 to suit your needs.
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