Travel the world..

And get paid to do it!

Why it pays to be a Cruise Ship Croupier

Speak to any croupier who has worked on a cruise ship and you will hear stories of exciting times travelling world.

Most professional croupiers have had at least one stint on a cruise ship, mainly because of the fantastic opportunities it offers to visit places and see sights most people can only dream about.

What's more, you get paid to do it!

Though cruise ship jobs are typically somewhat lower paid than those in land-based casinos, food, accommodation and insurances are normally included. Moreover, most cruise ship workers pay little or no income tax on their salary and many earn phenomenal amounts in tips.

Pass our six week croupier training course and you could be on your way to full time work in any cruise ship or land-based casino.


  •  Travel the world and get paid to do it!
  •  Get inclusive accommodation, food and insurances.
  •  Enjoy huge staff discounts on services and facilities.
  •  Pay little or no income tax on earned income.
  •  Significantly boost your income with tips.

Guaranteed job when you pass our course

Once you pass our training course (upon which you will be awarded your UK Gaming Licence), our extensive contacts in the casino industry means that we can guarantee to find you a job in a UK casino or card room.

Moreover, we never lose touch with our graduates, many of whom turn to us to help them further their careers, whether here in the UK, on cruise ships or abroad.

So, don't delay. Places are limited. Call on 07473898092 or fill in the form on this page to secure your place on our next course.

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